About Us

The attorneys at Schwell Wimpfheimer & Associates (“SWA”) have been helping clients seize opportunities, overcome challenges and expand in a fast-moving global market for many years. Whether you are a new enterprise or a Fortune 100 business, your objectives are best met by working alongside highly talented professionals with a proven track record and an ambitious vision to match your own.

At SWA, we deliver cutting edge legal advice to maximize your competitive advantage. From our offices in New York, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, our attorneys are professional and as driven and commercial-minded in outlook as the clients we represent, offering a seamless connection for those with a U.S. and international outlook.

As a client of SWA, you will afford yourself a distinct commercial edge by working with leaders of their fields, including graduates of top U.S. law schools, with deep industry knowhow, a broad network, and high-end experience accumulated inside major U.S. law firms and companies. Today, at SWA, our attorneys continue to apply this knowledge and insight by providing effective and practical transactional,  litigation and other legal advice to clients across many industries, including energy, defense, entertainment, real estate, IT, high-tech, and many more.

We combine the highest quality and most professional service with efficient staffing and flexible billing arrangements to suit your objectives, as we look to bring about your vision, together.